TTS Tutorial: Graphical User Interface

  1. Start RepTate and create a new LVE Application logo:

    New application
  2. Drag and drop files with .osc extension, e.g. the set of PI_*.osc files in the data/PI_LINEAR/osc/ folder. See Data Files for a description of the data file organization.

    Load data
  3. Select a theory, e.g. “WLF Shift” theory, and press einstein to create it (calculation is done with default parameter values). Press “Minimize Error” fit.

    New theory
  4. Change a parameter, e.g. set the reference temperature to \(T_0=-40^\circ\)C, and press “Minimize Error” fit.

    New theory
  5. To save the theory line(s), click the th_save button. A dialog will ask for a folder where the theory files will be saved.


When the “Vertical Shift” button arrow_up is checked, vertical shift of the data is allowed.


When the “Shift to Isofrictional State” button iso is checked …