Applications and Theories

Molecular Weight Distribution Analysis (MWD)

  • Discretization of a Molecular Weight Distribution

  • Generalized Exponential (GEX)

  • LogNormal distribution

Time-Temperature Superposition (TTS)

  • Williams-Landel-Ferry shift (WLF)

  • Manual and automatic TTS shift

  • Analysis of shift factors

Linear Viscoelastic data analysis (LVE)

  • Maxwell modes fitting

  • Likhtman-McLeish 2002 theory

  • Carreau-Yasuda equation

  • Rouse model

  • Dynamic-tube dilution for stars

  • BoB: Rheology of Branch-on-branch polymers

  • Rolie-Double-Poly

Start-up of shear and extensional flow (NLVE)

  • Rolie-Poly equation for linear polymer melts

  • Upper-Convected Maxwell constitutive equation

  • Giesekus constitutive equation

  • Pom-pom model

  • Rolie-Double-Poly equation for binary blends

  • BoB: Branch-on-branch polymers

  • PETS: Pre-averaged for entangled telechelic star polymers

  • SCCR: linear entangled polymers

Stress relaxation experiments (Gt)

  • Maxwell modes fitting

  • Dynamic-tube dilution for stars

  • Rouse model

Creep experiments (Creep)

  • Retardation modes

Neutron scattering experiments (SANS)

  • Debye theory for neutron scattering from ideal polymer chains (SANS)

Monte Carlo polymerisation (React)

  • LDPE batch reaction (Tobita batch)

  • LDPE CSTR reaction (Tobita CSTR)

  • Multiple-metallocene reaction

  • Combine React theories

  • Create polymer configuration for BoB rheology

  • Diene CSTR reaction

Dielectric Spectroscopy (Dielectric)

  • Debye and Havriliak-Negami relaxation modes

  • Kolhrauch-Williams-Watts (KWW) modes

Graphical User Interface

  • Export the figure to PDF, PNG, …

  • Flexibility to choose symbols and colors for the data

  • Inspection of the experiment and theory data

  • Read data from Excel file (Experimental)

  • i-Rheo Fourier transform to get G’ and G’’ from G(t)

  • Zoom with mouse and wheel

  • Save predictions of theory to a RepTate compatible file

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