NLVE Tutorial: Command Line


Tutorial command line (CL) files can be found in the tests/ folder. They can be run in batch mode or in interactive mode.

  • To run them in interactive mode, introduce the lines in the file (except the comments, which start with # and the line console batch) one by one and wait for the results.

  • To run them in batch mode, you can execute the tutorial of your choice, e.g.: -b < tutorial/TEST_WLFShift.txt # Linux or Mac

    or: -b < tutorial\TEST_WLFShift.txt # Windows

(the difference is the use of backslash \ instead of slash /) and the output will be shown in the command line. In batch mode, no graphs or plots are shown.

Rolie-Poly start-up flow

  1. First create LVE application to fit Maxwell Modes:

    RepTate> new LVE
  2. Open the LVE data and plot:

    RepTate/LVE1/DataSet01> open data/DOW/Linear_Rheology_TTS\DOWLDPEL150R_160C.tts
    RepTate/LVE1/DataSet01> plot
  3. Open new Maxwell mode theory, set the number of modes to 8 and minimize the error:

    RepTate/LVE1/DataSet01> theory_new Maxwell Modes
    RepTate/LVE1/DataSet01/Maxwell Modes01> nmodes=8
    RepTate/LVE1/DataSet01/Maxwell Modes01> fit

    The output is:

    Parameter Fitting
    Initial Error      Final Error
    8.72273            0.0103711
    288 function evaluations
    Parameter          Value ± Error
    logG00             2.196 ± 0.03803
    logG01             2.996 ± 0.01574
    logG02             3.547 ± 0.01288
    logG03             3.938 ± 0.0119
    logG04             4.247 ± 0.01391
    logG05             4.508 ± 0.01319
    logG06             4.687 ± 0.02296
    logG07             5.054 ± 0.01338
    logwmax            2.561 ± 0.04225
    logwmin            -2.913 ± 0.02537
    nmodes             8
    File               Error (RSS)        # Pts
    DOWLDPEL150R_160C  4.051e-05          256
    TOTAL ERROR:   4.0512e-05 (256 Pts)
    Bayesian IC:      -2533.7
    ---Fitted in 0.*** seconds---
  4. Return to the Application Manager:

    RepTate/LVE1/DataSet01/Maxwell Modes01> up
    RepTate/LVE1> up
  5. Create a new NLVE Application:

    RepTate/> new NLVE
  6. Add files to the dataset (master curve tts files):

    RepTate/NLVE2/DataSet01> open data/DOW/Non-Linear_Rheology/Start-up_Shear/My_dow150-160-*shear.shear
  7. Plot the files using the default LVE Application view:

    RepTate/NLVE2/DataSet01> plot
  8. Create new theory:

    RepTate/NLVE2/DataSet01> theory_new Rolie-Poly
  9. Copy the Maxwell modes previously calculated:

    RepTate/NLVE2/DataSet01/Rolie-Poly01> copy_modes
    Found 1 theories that provide modes
    0: LVE1.DataSet01.Maxwell Modes01
    Select theory (number between 0 and 0> 0
  10. Calculate the theory with the new modes:

    RepTate/NLVE2/DataSet01/Rolie-Poly01> calculate
  11. Save theory predictions:

    RepTate/NLVE2/DataSet01/Rolie-Poly01> save
  12. Exit RepTate (the y answer is needed):

    RepTate/NLVE2/DataSet01/Rolie-Poly01> quit