Extract continuous and discrete relaxation spectra from complex modulus G*(w)

  • Parameters
    • plateau : is there a residual plateau in the data (default False).

    • ns : Number of grid points to represent the continuous spectrum (typical 50-100)

    • lamC : Specify lambda_C instead of using the one inferred from the L-curve (default 0, use the L-curve).

    • SmFacLam = Smoothing Factor.

    • MaxNumModes = Max Number of Modes (default 0, automatically determine the optimal number of modes).

    • lam_min = lower limit of lambda for lcurve calculation (default 1e-10).

    • lam_max = higher limit of lambda for lcurve calculation (default 1e3).

    • lamDensity = lambda density per decade (default 3, use 2 or more).

    • rho_cutoff = Threshold to avoid picking too small lambda for L-curve without (default 0).

    • deltaBaseWeightDist = how finely to sample BaseWeightDist (default 0.2).

    • minTauSpacing = how close do successive modes (tau2/tau1) have to be before we try to mege them (default 1.25).


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