Rouse Time


Fit Rouse modes to a time dependent relaxation function

  • Function

    Continuous Rouse model (valid for “large” \(N\)):

    \[G(t) = G_0 \dfrac 1 N \sum_{p=1}^N \exp\left(\dfrac{-2p^2t}{N^2\tau_0}\right)\]
  • Parameters
    • \(G_0 = ck_\mathrm B T\): “modulus”

    • \(\tau_0\): relaxation time of an elementary segment

    • \(M_0\): molar mass of an elementary segment

    • \(c\): number of segments per unit volume

    • \(k_\mathrm B\): Boltzmann constant

    • \(T\): temperature

    • \(N=M_w/M_0\): number of segments par chain

    • \(M_w\): weight-average molecular mass